What Students Are Saying

“I’ve been in Catholic school since I was 6. I am now 20, and this was THE best religion class I have ever taken. What makes this different from the rest is the professor, Ben Winter. He is fantasticÍž he shares his broad expanse of knowledge with a an even wider smile. He made this class so enjoyable, I would consider a minor in theology if he taught all my classes.”

“Professor Winter was fun, engaging, well prepared, and knew the material inside and out. He was able to explain complex ideas with ease and patience. He encouraged us to think outside the box and challenge any previously held beliefs, but did so in a safe environment so we could grow. He always had a big smile on his face that made you feel welcome.”

“Professor Winter is an ecstatic individual who really takes pride in his work and does his due diligence wholeheartedly.”

“Ben Winter is an exceptional professor for this class. His enthusiasm for the subject is infectious, and his comments and notes on assignments and papers always add something special.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed having Professor Winter as my instructor. He contributed enthusiasm, humor, and personal anecdotes into every class, which made it much more engaging. It is easy to see that he is truly passionate about theology and all of his students. He was extremely welcoming and encouraging of everyone, regardless of religious background. His personality and composure is unrivaled in the classroom.”

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